Clinical Activity
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The clinical activity includes four main sections:

  • · Diagnostic Orthopedics
  • · Internal Medicine
  • · Elective Surgery
  • · Emergency

Each category has special requirements in terms of equipment and service.

Diagnostic Orthopedics follows the classical steps of clinical examination (history, examination, with the possibility of examining the horse with the rider or harness, diagnostic blocks. Diagnostic imaging includes digital radiography, ultrasonography and scintigraphy. Each technology is shortly described in the following pages.

Internal Medicine is performed using our lab, or referring to other more specialized labs for special exams, ultrasonography, video-endoscopy for respiratory diseases and for gastroscopy. In some cases, radiology and scintigraphy prove useful for internal medicine cases too.

Elective Surgery covers a wide spectrum of options, ranging from orthopedics (arthroscopy and internal fixation have been routinely used from the birth of the clinic) to soft tissues surgery, more specifically involving respiratory, urogenital and gastrointestinal apparatuses. Two surgical theatres are available: one is reserved for orthopedics, elective surgery and fractures, the other one is used for emergency surgery (colics, caesarean section, wounds etc.).

Emergency is more demanding and requires availability on 24 hour basis. Emergency cases include colics (both medical and surgical), fractures, traumas, neonatal diseases and wounds, frequently involving important structures like tendons and joints.

The Clinic offers a 12 boxes barn for hospitalized patients. Some of them need 24 hours watch.

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