Benvenuto alla Clinica Equina Bagnarola
Scientific activity
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The scientific activity of the Clinica Equina Bagnarola paralleled the clinical practice from the birth of the hospital. Each patient and its clinical details are recorded with special emphasis to history, clinical findings, diagnostic imaging and surgical procedures. Documentation of the clinical cases also includes pictures of the patients, surgical details and specimens. A periodical review of the caseload allows evaluation of our diagnostic, medical and surgical procedures. The data are processed and become useful material to be presented or published in form of retrospective studies or case reports.

During the last 23 years, we published radiographic surveys on OCD in the Italian Standardbred trotter with special attention to lesions previously overviewed, like OCD of the medial malleolus, and relationships between type of lesion and racing results. The original data of our studies were presented in International seminars. Original works, among other, have been published about the type and distribution of proximal sesamoid bones fractures in Standardbreds, the treatment of Australian Stringhalt, the relationships between radiology and arthroscopy in the midcarpal joint, the treatment of septic arthritis, histologic changes in cases of stenosis of the fetlock annular ligament, review and results of a series of caesarian sections. Special attention has been paid to orthopedic problems of the neonatal and growing foal, which is the subject of a manual to be published by a German publisher.

A rich series of Case Reports appeared on several journals, presenting unusual cases of equine colic (incarceration of the colon in the gastro-splenic ligament, rupture of the mesocolon) or soft tissue surgery, like the treatment for redundant alar folds or paralysis of the nostril.

A complete list of our published works is presented in the next pages.

In recent years, the Clinic sponsored Seminars and courses with international speakers.

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