Progressive ethmoidal haematoma

Progressive ethmoidal haematoma

Eleven year old female Show Jumper


The mare was referred with complain of unilateral serosanguineous nasal discharge, abnormal respiratory noise and poor performance.The referral vet suspected ethmoidal haematoma.

Clinical examination

At admission the mare showed good bodily condition, blood test results were within normal range. A moderate serous nasal discharge was present on the left nostril. Endoscopy showed the presence of a mass protruding from the left ethmoidal turbinates (Fig. 1). The mass had grey-reddish color. The diagnosis of progressive ethmoidal haematoma was confirmed.




The mass was injected transendoscopically with intralesional injection of 4% formalin.

Two weeks later the mare was reported to be improved and during work didn’t show respiratory noise and nasal discharge. At control endoscopy, the mass appeared significantly reduced (Fig. 2). The treatment was repeated.


Two weeks later a further endoscopic control was performed. The mass appeared further reduced (Fig. 3) and was injected again for the last time, considering the minimal amount of tissue.


Follow up

The trainer informed by telephone conversation that the mare resumed regular work after the third injection. The referral vet was suggested to perform a routine endoscopic control at 4-month interval.

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