Guttural pouch mycosis

15 years old Pony used for show jumping History The pony in regular training was found one morning with unilateral nasal discharge from the right nostril. The local veterinarian suspected a primary sinusitis, provided antibiotic coverage using ampicillin and performed a radiographic examination that was negative. After one week of […]


9 year old Spanish gelding History The horse showed signs of colic on the late evening after a show and was referred to the clinic by the local veterinarian. Clinical examination The horse showed good bodily condition but was depressed. Signs of pain were moderate, with recurrent pawing and tendency […]

Penile tumour

21 year-old pleasure gelding History The owner reported that some whitish malodorous plaques were noticed covering the penis when unsheathed. A sample from the tissue revealed the presence of Pseudomonas spp. and the horse was treated for seven days with antibiotics and local lavage. After some months, the mass involved […]