Penile tumour

21 year-old pleasure gelding History The owner reported that some whitish malodorous plaques were noticed covering the penis when unsheathed. A sample from the tissue revealed the presence of Pseudomonas spp. and the horse was treated for seven days with antibiotics and local lavage. After some months, the mass involved […]


6 y.o. Standardbred male History The horse was referred for chronic weight loss. The owner reported that the horse had been in training until a few months before and subsequently started to loose weight despite normal appetite. It had been under regular deworming program without any clinical improvement. Clinical examination […]

Fracture of tibia

13 y.o. gelding used for dressage History The horse was referred for scintigraphy because of a 4/5 degrees lameness on the right hind limb. A preliminary radiographic examination didn’t show any significant finding. Clinical and scintigraphic examination The horse was hardly able to stand and couldn’t bear weight on the […]

Ovarian tumour

5 year old Standardbred mare in training History The mare was in training and started to show colic signs the night before referral. The initial treatment included flunixin meglumine and mineral oil by stomach tube. The next morning, in absence of improvement, the mare was referred to the clinic. Clinical […]